About the Artist

Charles Dyton Williams, a Native American Caddo Indian and professional artist, is self-taught, and resides in Norman Oklahoma. His father Ray E.Williams, is an Oklahoma amateur boxing hall of fame inductee. His mother Annie Lee Williams, is a landscape artist who paints realistic floral arrangements. Charles grew up in Blackwell Oklahoma under the tutelage of his gifted mother, and the strong influence of his Native American and French heritage.

Charles developed his unique style at an early age. He displayed the special gift of bringing art to life. Charles joined the United States Marine Corps, traveled extensively, and later attended various schools. Charles attended Carlsbad Junior College, UCLA, Leeward Community College, United Electronics Institute, Oklahoma State University, The 'Computer Learning Center', and BDSS Houston. Charles also attended San Jose State University in California where he studied art history, philosophy, and mathematics. This is where Charles lifted his unique art style to a new level.

As a result of his expanded education, Charles Williams reveals influences of Eugene Delacroix and Pierre-Auguste Renoir in his work. Charles also demonstrates a great variety of visual designs and forms. Charles studied Rene Descartes, the French philosopher and mathematician who demonstrated algebra could be pictured by using graphs. Charles desires to combine visual art with mathematics. Charles offers an infinite source of new paintings and drawings.

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